>31 March, 2010: It’s Snow Joke it’s April tomorrow!!!

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> Bleak conditions seen here on the high stretch of the M74 northbound between Abington and Happendon

This stretch of the M74 is reduced to one lane as two lanes are snowcovered

You’d seriously think this was a shot taken in mid-winter, not the last day of March, AFTER the clocks have went forward!


Another very poor travel day as many areas of Scotland from Dumfries and Galloway to Caithness see disruptive snows which create havoc from roads to power lines.

Jackknifed trucks close roads and strand motorists, snow laden power lines, which collapse under the weight which make for the day 2 of no power at Mills Dairy, where I deliver milk to near Largs, Ayrshire.

Amazingly, the biggest hassles around the immediate Glasgow area was wet roads and the odd tree branch…. Snow was absent across Glasgow, yet a slight rise in elevation and 2-4 inches lie on the ground and drifts lie where powerful winds roared yesterday and through the overnight into this morning. Dumfries also had no snow, yet 10 miles to the north and the roads were covered. I drove from Dumfries to Glasgow via the M74 from Lockerbie. By the time I reached the cut off for Beattock, snow was falling heavily, driven by a strong north wind. The M74 was poor in stretches from Beattock up to Abington and on to Happendon, north of Happendon, the snow lessened and within a 10 mile stretch from Happendon to the Larkhall, Motherwell, Wishaw cut off there was no snow…
The Campsie Hills just to the north of my house has a fresh few inches of snow and with the gales, there is some good drifts up there… I didn’t think i’d see anymore snow on those hills until next winter, never mind a near repeat of the massive snows on Feb 26th. That snow may lie for the first 10 days of April, amazing!
As well as the snow, bins littered this streets this morning as well as a few fences blown down. Tree branches also littered sections of the road between Lennoxtown and Kirkintilloch as the gale-force winds roared all night long..
Many areas of the Highlands are buried under fresh snow. This, coupled with gales has brought ferocious conditions and will continue through tonight and into the first day of April.
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