>Very settled over UK airspace, whilst the storms roar across the Med

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>With all the talk and mention of the major storminess across France and the Med Sea, we are enjiying at the moment a quiet end to winter albeit still on the cool side but I do see with a nice dome of high pressure directly over Scotland, some increase in daytime temperatures which is melting the heavy snowpack at mainly low levels in the Highlands and higher levels further across over the hills of the central belt. I’m sure the Lake District and Snowdonia is also seeing a shrinking of their snowpack now as highs are gradually climbing as we push towards mid-March. By night skies are persistently clear at least for long enough for some frost to develop, these cool nights will in fact be a good thing as the snowmelt won’#t be as rapid and hopefully we won’t see torrents of water pour down our hills, we of course will see some flooding in areas across the UK where the snow has lay and for a long time now.

Yesterday mornings -7C at Benson, Oxfordshire has reversed the cool air settling across Britain. After an unsettled and stormy southern UK and clear, calm and settled across the north we have seen cloudiness settle over the Highlands and therefore bringing a dramatic warm-up at night for areas that have shivered constantly for weeks, a nice cooldown has settled across England…

This morning here it’s likely to fall to freezing and perhaps slightly below which would make the 6th straight night for the month and I do see 10-15 nights below freezing for March and yet another below normal month here… The severe cold nights are now ultimately gone for another year though and the frosts that do form now on will be only -2 to -4 at best.

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