US: Plains Storm/Mid-Atlantic Ridge To Bring Extreme End To April, Historic Rain Event?

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A major spring storm system covering a large swathe of the Lower 48 will make it’s presence felt pretty much coast to coast this weekend.

The Plains storm is one thing but the strong mid Atlantic ridge and clockwise flow is driving air from east of the Lesser Antilles, through the Caribbean, Gulf and eventually reaching connecting with the frontal system over the Mississippi Valley. A highly moist channel of air which could poses a major flash flood situation.

As you know, on the cold side, heavy snow will present an impressive late season snowstorm for the Rockies up into Northern Minnesota.

Still early but this was the scene in Gillette, Wyoming earlier today. 10 inches there.

Credit: Kelci Luken

Ahead of the front, very warm SW winds will drive temperatures to record or near record levels with Washington DC eyeing their first 90 degree day of the year. In between? Severe weather is a concern yes but as already stated, FLASH FLOODING is the primary concern due to a near stationary nature of the front. We can expect 3-6 inches of rain widely over the Mid-South into the Mid Mississippi and even Ohio Valley, locally we could see a foot and this will fall on already saturated ground.

This system will have a tremendous reservoir of fuel to tap to the south with a strong southerly flow connecting the Caribbean with Midwest.

The snowy side





Denver could see 4-16 according to the NWS.

Where warm and cold meet…



It’s not just heavy rain falling on saturated ground but the level of moisture streaming north is alarming with near record precipitable water amounts for late April. The reason, moist air travelling over a record warm Gulf of Mexico? Quite possible.

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