ECMWF Brings Fiery Heat Back To Montana & Dakotas Early Next Week, Also a Katrina-like Hurricane Too!

Just when you thought those terrible, torturous 90s and 100s was done with the Plains for another summer you happen to look at the ECMWF and go, OH NO!

Yes, the heat which has baked the Great Basin and West this month, a complete reversal to the overall summer of 2012 is returning to the Rockies and western/northern Plains where it appears possible that 100s return to parts of the Dakotas down into perhaps Nebraska and Kansas.

Today and the past couple have seen near 100 degree heat up over Montana.

The flow becomes zonal and so the whole nation will heat back up but whether we get 90s back into Chicago and Detroit or not is another thing, I don’t see it.

Ok, so notice in the above ECMWF chart how the heat builds back over the Southwest by Monday, this should last throughout all of next week with above normal temps from San Diego up through LA, perhaps San Fran and across and through the Deserts. It’s as this heat expands over the West again we have a pretty decent storm system push into the Pacific Northwest, this will help push this northbound heat NE up over the Rockies and into the Dakotas and certainly if this was to play out we would have some darn hot readings for late August with 100-105 across both Dakotas.

By the end of next week you notice the ECMWF spreads out the height field and the trough is all but gone from the east. This will bring those averages back but following a very cool last 13 days throughout the Midwest and Ohio Valley with some seeing double digits below normal. Boy what a flip from the past two months.Here check the last chart out below. Notice something? Yeh, I know your saying the trough is now gone and a ridge is back over the Eastern third but take a lot at the central Gulf! Ouch of this was to happen btw. That would be a seroius problem to New Orleans and the Central Gulf coast.


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