UK Weather Looks Very Interesting Between Wednesday and Next Monday, Record heat by Sunday?

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Our weather is seldom extreme here in the UK but when looking at the new models runs coming in, the same scenarios which I saw this morning for particularly this Wednesday through next Monday still stand. Our weather is looking increasingly more and more interesting from Wednesday on.

What’s noteworthy about Wednesday is the depth of low which comes our way from the Bay of Biscay. The new GFS still has central pressure down to between 986-984mb, centred over Ireland and sends some very heavy, flooding rains up over England, Wales and eventually Scotland later in the day. Winds are likely to be strong across most areas with potential southeast gales and gusts to 60 mph along Channel and North Sea coasts.

Beyond the strong to gale-force winds and flooding rains of Wednesday, it looks as though we have a southwesterly hosepite of moisture which could bring very impressive 72 hour rain totals Thursday through Saturday.

Record breaking heat is looking likely from Seville to Paris, perhaps London late this weekend!!

What could be most impressive within the next 7-day period is what follows the soaking. The ECMWF continues to through the red paint bomb on Spain and ALL of France and from looking at this. Records would be sure to fall, all the way to Paris, even Calais on the north coast. That red with stunning heights, thicknesses and 850 temps is very close to the Southeast of England and so London is too close to rule out the possibility of seeing some incredible warmth Sunday and or Monday. If this exploding ridge was to creep just that bit closer to London then I think it would be safe to forecast highs of 34-36C but right now, while it’s looking very warm with a prominant southwest flow, I think 30-33C is more plausible.

Stay right here because this may be a record breaking hot weekend for the UK!


Then, we may see some mighty warmth push from northern France where records are sure to be broken and may even set records over the Southeast of England.

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