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This photo I took this afternoon of the road snaking through the Campsie Fells shows small puddles emerge from the massive snowpack, despite a cold wind and still snowflakes flying on the final day of Meteorological Winter, this will eventually melt and sooner rather than later, illustrating the enormous flood potential across Scotland, Europe, North America and the northern world!

Well, as I write this at 7.45pm and approaching my final day of my week-long holiday, it’s also the final hours before the end of “Metorological winter 2009-10” and I for one have been amazed at what this winter has brought. Whether it be the bitter cold spell of late Dec-early January for us Brits or the bombardment of snow for the Eastern third of the US, or even the brutal cold and snow across Europe and Asia.

It has been a truely stunning winter for snowfall and I for one have loved this winter. Am I ready for warm days, bright evenings with a BBQ and a refreshing drink after a hard days work? Sure I am, no matter much much you love a particular season, eventually it’s time for change, especially when you get more than the usual or more than what you bargained for.

Folks across the Mid-Atlantic have a good reason to say their tired of the snow just like we have also a good excuse to say we’re tired of snow and cold since we are simply not accustomed to such a long and perhaps “severe” winter…

When tallying this winter up, many snow records have fallen across the Eastern US, from single snowstorm totals, monthly totals or indeed seasonal totals, even state records have been smashed (something I shall post more on in the coming days). Here, we have seen more snow and certainly more cold than anything we’ve experienced in at least 30 years. For me, this has been the longest, toughest winter in my lifetime. Whether you’ve struggled, whether it’s seemed short or whether your in complete denial that this winter has been any of those things at all.

I shall be posting soon, a summary of the winter for me and what my thermometer has recorded this season as well as a national summary. I shall also be posting about the US winter and how it turned out and also what I expect to see weatherwise in the coming months ahead for the UK and US… Joe Bastardi is already talking about the upcoming hurricane season and I shall be blogging about that as well as summer weather.

Thanks for reading.

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