>Unseasonably mild weather covers Britain

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> As we head towards the close of October, we have enjoyed milder thn normal weather for much of the British Isles thanks to a generally persistent warm, southerly flow with some ridging as well as a mild Atlantic flow which has aided milder air up and across the country out of the southwest, a tropical-maritime origin air mass.

How mild are we? Glasgow is generally enjoying upper 50s for highs the past couple of days whilst southern Britain has been enjoying patchy cloud and in some areas a good deal of sunshine. Under sunny skies and a southwest flow aloft, southerly flow at the surface, the air has ranged from the low 60s to upper 60s across Wales, the southwest and southern interior of England. The more urbanised southeast of England around Surrey and central London, highs are taking a run at 70 degrees with nights that are struggling to cool below the upper 50s, particularly central London.

For late October, this is fairly warm but not all that unusual really especially considering the warm trend of the past 10 or more years.

A positive Arctic Oscillation is likely part contributer as well as the Atlantic storm track and setup of low’s with in-between ridging that is drawing warm, maritime air out of the southwest, generally a direction that brings muggier, warmer air south to north across the British Isles.

Currently, there are plenty of 64 degree readings dotted from the Midlands across the Manchester area on northward to the eastern Lake District and 60s stretch well into southern and central Scotland. Glasgow right now is 59 whilst across in Argyll at Tynabruich it’s presently a balmy 63 degrees under partial sunshine. I haven’t seen anywhere in Britain above 64. Surprisingly, the industrial heart of central England in urban corridor of Birmingham – Manchester and Preston there was many 64’s showing up but London was only down around 60-61 degrees..
Here at my house it’s 59 degrees under mostly cloudy skies with breaks to sunshine and a light breeze. The low this morning was a balmy 51 degrees (11C) which was regestered at 1.15am and when I headed out to work this morning the temperature was a warm-feeling 56 degrees as of 4.45am.
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4 Reader Comments

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  1. JamieD5 says:

    >thanks Leif, I was sun bathing on the beach this noon. I could have mistook this for being July with these soaring temperatures.

    I fear the worst for the ice caps this winter, the massive heat should melt it all.

  2. Leif says:

    >With your complexion, JD, I'd slap on the factor 50, it's blistering anywhere east of Lochgelly.

  3. Mark'sWxWorld says:

    >no, i am doing a little checking of recent octs and how warm this compares. this isnt a heatwave.
    a major arctic high is settling over far eastern asia.

  4. JamieD5 says:

    >I just wonder if this heatwave is likely to melt the ice caps this winter?

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