Australia Suffered It’s Coldest Average July Minimum Temperature in 30 Years!

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It seems the cold has been never ending with clear skies, light wind and harsh frosts becoming the rule rather than exception this year across Australia following back to back cool, wet summers. While days are chilly but not outragous, it’s the nights which have grabbed headlines as a large chunk of interior and eastern Australia has suffered frosty, bitter nights thanks to persistent high pressure dominating most of the country since the start of autumn. Records have fallen steady month by month from Alice Springs in the centre to Canberra. Even the warmer Northern Territories have seen it cold as well as up as far north as southern Queensland.

All in all, Australia as a nation has suffered through it’s coldest average July minimums in 30 years according to The Weather Channel (@WeatherAus). This 1C below normal was also the 8th coldest mean mimimum on record. Many areas of interior Australia saw their coldest or near coldest temperatures on record.

The Weather Channel specifically highlights Western Australia was experienced their coldest July temperatures on record with 1.7C below normal.

In Queensland, they suffered through their coldest July nights since 1989 while South Australia saw their coldest nights since 1997.

Northern Territories, a part of the country you wouldn’t associate with cold, suffered throught it’s 3rd coldest July minimum on record.

The coldest temperature recorded in Australia during July was at Charlotte Pass in New South Wales where the low dipped to a frigid -14°C (7°F)

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