Spain records hottest day at 47.3C (117F)

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When it’s been hot, it’s been very hot this summer across much of Spain and Portugal with multiple heat records melting in May, June and now July.

Back last weekend the computer models were all over a major surge of heat and likely the hottest of the year.


The AEMET issued heat warnings throughout Spain’s interior.


AEMET states that since 1976, temperatures of 46C is rare and 45C has only been recorded 5 times. The last was at Cordoba in 2015 and Seville Airport recorded 45.9C in 2012.

Credit: Dani Revuelta‏ @danirevuelta27

Wednesday saw the country’s hottest day of the year and at an elevation of 2,421ft and just an hour’s drive from the Mediterranean coast, the beautiful city of Granada set a new all-time record with 45.5C.

This was the sky residents and visitors woke to on the morning of the hottest day in the city’s history.

Credit: @aMrazing

Then the following afternoon, it was even hotter with Montoro setting a new national record of 47.3C surpassing the 1990 record of 47.2C. Cordoba also set a new all-time record with a high of 46.9C while Madrid set a new July record with 40.2C.



Today’s is another scorcher and not too far off Portugal’s all-time record.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Ted Blackwater‏ @TedBlackwater

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