>Eastern Pile-Driver creates Death and Destruction throughout the Northeast

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Graphic courtesy of AccuWeather.com

Hail and downpour producing thunderstorms now taking the stage for phase two of this powerful Nor’easter across soaked wind-beaten New Jersey and eastern Pennsylavania. Whilst the fiercest winds from the system itself have progressed into New England, now some dynamical lift and will be aided somewhat by a warming March sun, thunderstorms are the biggest factor today in bringing hail, drenching downpours which will exaserbate the flooding issues already across Jersey, eastern PA and across NYC and LI and we may see some intense gusty winds and dangerous lightening as those thunderstorms may get intensified with some enhanced lift through daytime heating and surface convergence as the low departs the Mid-Atlantic and warm and cold air possibly meet.

AccuWeather.com News is reporting pea-sized hail covering the ground this morning in Ocean City, NJ.

From earlier

A relentless easterly wind flow, perfectly aligned from the 850mb height down to the surface has pile driven wind and wave onto the Jersey and Long Island shore, packing persistent and relentless, storm to hurricane force gusts which have tore countless trees out of the ground and ripped and snapped powerlines and poles as well as cutting power to hundreds of thousands of people across the tri-state region, a region packed with millions of people. This washing machine of weather is tormenting a weather beaten region of the world…

Shenandoah County, Virginia
(Image courtesy of AccuWeather Facebook)

Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
(Image courtesy of AccuWeather Facebook)

Brooklyn, New York
(Image courtesy of AccuWeather Facebook)

Brooklyn, New York
Image courtesy of The New York Times

After record-breaking snowfall, it’s now all about the major flooding and damaging winds that are representing to close of winter 2009-10 to the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast region.

According to Jesse Ferrell, an impressive 4 foot storm surge roared across Sandy Hook, New Jersey, which is a sand bar which hooks north, northwest where the Atlantic meets the mouth of New York harbor, I’m sure a very wild spot as this is remote and exposed to fierce winds that have likely topped hurricane force, I would be curious to see what kinda damage has been brought to some windward facing buildings on Sandy Hook!

Also according to Jesse, A blow out tide has occured at Brookhaven, New York with some folks reporting the lowest tide they’ve ever witnessed there, the cause, a photographer’s caption read “east winds have drained Great South Bay”, you can see these photos here: http://photo.accuweather.com/photogallery/Content/searchResults.aspx?dateTakenBetween=3/13/2010,3/13/2010&userName=mmbusch

According to AccuWeather.com’s News Center… gusts have been reported as follows:

John F Kennedy Airport 74 mph
Atlantic City, NJ 72 mph
Keansburg, NJ 70 mph
Philadelphia, PA 56 mph
Yarmouth, MA 56 mph

Dangerous surf conditions on Saturday halted the Staten Island ferry service and the Belt Parkway on eastern Coney Island was closed due to coastal flooding. A large amoutn of customers were reported without power in the Norwalk, Connecticut area.
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