N Hemisphere may have set a new July cold record in Greenland this week

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We’re in the heart of the Northern Hemisphere summer with heat as you’d expect, dominant. However it’s anything but summer-like in Greenland where temperatures dipped to a new July record this week.

July has opened very cold across most of Greenland.

Credit: wxbell (via Vencore Weather)

The temperature dipped to -33C (-27.4F) on the morning of July 4th at the DMI recording station, perched 10,551ft on top of the icecap at Summit Station (AKA Summit Camp). This appears to be the coldest ever recorded July temperature for the site, for Greenland and potentially the hemisphere. The previous July record was -30.7C.

The clear, cold skies presented a stunning view of Greenland.

Credit: NASA

Following the record summer chill came a near record snowstorm for east coast Greenland thanks to low pressure driving warm, moist air north, northwest into the cold blanket of air covering Greenland.

Credit: wxbell

Models suggested a major snowfall which would be impressive at any time of the year never mind July.

Credit: wxbell

While there’s a lot these days on melting ice. Greenland’s ice sheet has in fact been expanding in the past 12 months.

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