Greece, Turkey Swelter in 45-47C Heat While France Shivers One Of It’s Chilliest August Opens

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As the thermometer surpassed 45C for a 2nd consecutive day over parts of Greece and Turkey, parts of France shivered with highs of just 15-20C, a firm 15C!! below normal. The contrast between France and Greece couldn’t be much greater.

The 500mb height anomaly doesn’t look all that exceptional!

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

2m temp anomaly

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

These were the highs across Europe yesterday. Take a look at France and Alps compared to Greece, southern and western Turkey!

Credit: Meteoceil

Credit: Meteoceil

Langadas, Greece topped 47.1C yesterday. The hottest reading for Europe in 2021 and only 0.4C off the Greek record.

Just 10 days after Turkey topped a new national heat record (49.1C) in the far east of the country close to the Iran border, the temperature even along the Aegean coast wasn’t far off.

Nights have been equally as extreme as the days.

Temp anomaly for first 3 days of August. Parts of Western Europe may have witnessed one of it’s coldest opens to an April when it’s been one of the hottest in southeast Europe.

Credit: Michael Ventrice

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Severe Weather Europe

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