Northern Ireland (Provisionally) Set’s New All-Time Heat Record

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Located along the shores of Strangford Lough and near Newtonards, Co Down, Ballywatticock is a name few had ever heard of. Well up until Saturday when at approx 3.40pm became the most famous place in Northern Ireland when news broke that a met office site in the tiny township reported a (provisional) temperature of 31.2C.

News spread and some even managed to temporarily alter a speed limit sign on entering Ballywatticock to reflect the temperature it recorded.

Credit: Kevin Scott/Belfast Telegraph

The still questionable 31.2C recorded in Ballywatticock would, if deemed accurate surpasses 30.8C recorded back in 1976 and 1983 as the new ‘highest temperature ever recorded in NI.

Credit: Met Desk

There is some doubt about the 31.2C figure as most other surrounding sites only managed 28 or 29C. That’s some 2-3C cooler than that of Ballywatticock, however a reading of 30.8C at Killowen makes the Ballywatticock figure more believable and this in itself would tie the Northern Ireland record even if Ballywatticock was dismissed.

A slight fohen effect or downsloping of air flow may explain the reason Ballywatticock was a clear 1-2C warmer than anywhere except Killowen.

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