Despite Developing Hot Spots, Earth’s Temp Remains Near Average Thanks To Antarctica

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When looking at today’s temperature anomaly chart for Earth, it’s safe to say there’s a lot more warm areas than cool. However looks can be deceiving, while you’d expect Antarctica to be cold, especially as we approach their winter solstice, the fact that the entire continent has been running 6 to 8C BELOW NORMAL is in fact providing a counterbalance to the positive anomalies elsewhere and equaling out our planet’s energy budget.

Recent days has seen the global net temperature anomaly at 0.0C, even -0.1C a couple of days ago thanks to an Antarctica-wide anomaly of -8C!

Below is today’s projected temperature anomaly across the world and you can see the Northern Hemisphere is +0.6C while the tropics a slightly lesser 0.4C. The Southern Hemisphere including much of South America, half of Africa and of course Australasia, it’s -0.4C, thanks to Antarctica which is pulling down the overall heat budget of earth at -5.6C, earth’s temperature remains near average despite blossoming ‘heat waves’ and that’s not something you’ll hear much about.

Credit: Climate Reanalyser

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