While Deluge Continues For Texas, Louisiana, The Drought Stricken West, N Plains Sweat Early 100s

Rich tropical moisture continues to sweep north into Texas and Louisiana only worsening the widespread flood situation. Many TX/LA cities are well above their normal rainfall for the whole of June and we’re only 5 days into the month.

Credit: AccuWeather

Surrounding the fire hose continuing to plague the S Plains, an unusually strong, drought enhanced hot dome has driven record early 100s to the Rockies and N Plains and reaching all the way to Manitoba.

The 100s first popped up over the Desert Southwest where here we observed Death Valley, CA’s first 120-degrees of the year and record heat across several SW cities.

The heat has lifted northward and around the cool, rainy cut off low over Texas.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Probably one of the most extreme examples of just how much rain has fallen over Texas, take McAllen where over 7 INCHES of rain has fallen in just the first 5 days of the month. That’s 3 TIMES the average for the entire month of June!

All that rain pounding Texas and Louisiana has had a significant influence on temperature and where it’s become very dry, you fry!

Credit: Tropical Tidbits


Credit: Michael Ventrice

Some interesting heat records over recent days….

Following a maximum of 120 degrees, Death Valley, CA (Furnace Creek) only fell to 97 degrees for a minimum, this is an early June record for North America.

Las Vegas set a daily high with 108 degrees.

Salt Lake City, UT observed not only a daily record yesterday but earliest 100-degrees on record surpassing the previous record by 1-day set just last year.

Bismarck, ND set a new daily record of 105 degrees and witnessed it’s 2nd earliest 100.

Gretna, Manitoba reached 41.6C. A first 40C in Manitoba since 1989 and warmest for the province since 1988.

What a difference from one Saturday to the next over the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic.

Credit: AccuWeather

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