Forget the 1.3 Billion (17% global population) Witnessing Cooler, Wetter Than Average Conditions It’s All About Russian Heat!

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The all-time record heat that’s been achieved across the Russian Arctic this month has been very impressive. Overall we’ve seen the earliest 32C above the Arctic Circle and countless May all-time records set along with an ALL-TIME MAY RECORD FOR RUSSIA.

Here are some of these impressive records.

And Middle East

HOWEVER, the main point to writing this piece is to balance things out. Something the mainstream media refuses to do and I want to share the reason WHY we are seeing this record heat.

Ok, so 20+C above normal is a big deal and the heat is impressive, especially this far north. The reason? It’s what’s going on down within the tropics and it’s a big deal, bigger than the Russian heat that’s for sure.

The media and AGW community love heat, especially so when it comes to the Arctic, what they and others fail to show you however is that Russia’s outstanding heat is at the expense of record rainfall and temperatures as much as 22C BELOW NORMAL across northern India and well below normal across most of the country.

So, when it comes to cool and weighing in population (1.366 billion as per 2019), you have 17.7% of the WORLD’s population and 7th largest country (land area) affected by cooler, wetter than average conditions this month.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

This ‘exceptional chill’ which in my opinion counter-balances the heat, includes not only a vast area but more importantly is typically the WORLD’S HOTTEST PLACE during May.

NW India and E, NE Pakistan observes the highest average temperatures of anywhere on earth at this time of year. Location and geography drives a natural build-up of heat over the desert ahead of the approaching monsoon. Recent May’s have seen temperatures exceed 50C in such places as Newabshah and Turbat, Pakistan but certainly not this year (so far)! On May 28, 2017, Turbat hit a world record for the month at 53.5C. On May 26, 2010, Nawabshah reached 52C. The AVERAGE high for May is 43.4C!

So, rather than Russia simply seeing exceptional heat out of nowhere, it can be explained and attributed to a very strong phase 8, 1 then 2 of the MJO.

With the MJO bringing cloudier, wetter conditions to parts of E Africa, Arabia, Pakistan and India including a severe cyclone the natural build-up of heat hasn’t shown up in the normal areas but over Russia and the Middle East. That heat has to go somewhere and so heights bulge with the heat elsewhere.

In late May, NW India and Pakistan often see mid to high 40s, locally 50C but these areas have been soaked by rain and temperatures suppressed at 25-35C.

In the Middle East, it’s been at these levels which NORMALLY occur in NW India/Pakistan now and this level of heat becomes normal over the Middle East by July, so it’s clear the natural heat has shifted due to the influence of the MJO.

This ‘redistribution of heat’ in the form of strong upper ridging has allowed an unusually cold, persistent trough to remain trapped over Europe and to a degree North America. Again, this is not explained by the mainstream media.

When looking at the global temperature anomaly for May you can see a cold India, warm Russia above and that ridge cooking Russia has held a -AO/NAO with primary trough over Europe and secondary over North America.

Credit: Mike Ventrice

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