Just Another Denver Snowstorm Or Something Special?

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Denver is positioned in an area where some of the world’s most extreme weather can occur. It’s all too familiar with snowstorms and big ones. Could this weekend’s storm bring something special?

If you’ve read my US articles over the years then you’ll know the drill with these setups, all the atmospheric ingredients are coming together and ready to release all types of weather from warmth and severe weather ahead and cold with heavy snowfall behind. But is this hype or could it be an historic weather event for Denver.

A powerhouse Pacific jet will carve out a deep, negatively tilted trough down the Rocky Mountain Chain in which cold Canadian air will flood south while warm, moist air pulls north as the developing storm system acts as a magnet.

As the warm, cold, dry and moist air merge, the surface low shall deepen quickly and as the moisture lifts over the Front Range including Denver, heavy snow will occur.

Winds gusting over 50 mph will create blizzard conditions.

The expected long duration of this event could well see 20-30+ inches for Denver.

So what’s the historical perspective?

Within the storm’s warm sector, tornadic thunderstorms will break out.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Hyoung Chang/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images


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