September 2020 Had Greatest Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration Than Any September Between 1979-1999

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Interesting tweet I saw this afternoon which got me thinking!

Last month saw the highest ANTARCTIC sea ice concentration of any September between 1979-1999 period. This comes as the Arctic sees it’s 2nd lowest on record.

While Arctic Oscillation was record strong last winter, the Antarctic Oscillation was record weak.

Europe floods followed record heat between the last solar max and min (2006-2008) and we’re seeing the same now (2015-2020). So, could the upcoming winter be a cold one? Remember what Joe Bastardi always said, where there’s storms in October (France, Italy etc), that could be where the winter storm track shall be…

Earth’s climate system showing balance?

That La Nina is fair coming along isn’t it…

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Additional thoughts

2nd lowest arctic sea ice, hyper atlantic cane season vs low Pac typhoon season and solar minimum all could greatest increase chances of a long overdue -AO/NAO winter.

In recent years, any high latitude blocking has been focused on the North America-Asia side of the pole but less typhoon activity in the Pac, more in atlantic and cooling south of Alaska ALL suggest North Atlantic-Greenland and even Scandinavia blocking and positioning of any SSW’s.

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