BREAKING COLD RECORDS: Is Northern Ireland Cheating Global Warming?

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All we seem to hear about these days is record, unprecedented heat, floods, droughts and storms. I don’t think we can deny, our planet has warmed over the last 30 years. Whether man-made or otherwise, towns and cities never mind countries, we hear less and less cold records falling.

Since about 2014, Northern Ireland’s climate has grabbed by attention and when purely looking at the figures, it seems to be going the opposite way to the UK, Europe and world where heat has been grabbing a lot of media attention in recent years,

Since 2000, Northern Ireland has recorded it’s coldest day (-11.3C at Edenfel, Co Tyrone) and coldest night on record (-18.7C at Castlederg, Co Tyrone), both in December 2010. Also since 2000, Northern Ireland has set FOUR new monthly minimum records. THREE since 2010.

There have been THREE new monthly heat records since 2000. ONE since 2010.

You have to go back 25 years for the last time Northern Ireland set a new monthly maximum temperature during the summer months of June, July and August. The all-time record of 30.8C was set firstly back in 1976 then 1983.

Is Katesbridge, Co Down, Northern Ireland’s Queen of Cold?

FACT: In the last 6 years, Katesbridge, Co Down has set THREE new NORTHERN IRELAND monthly cold records. 4 since 2001!

1) -14.8C on 2 March, 2001

2) -1.9C on 24 August, 2014

3) -3.6C on 29 September, 2018 (4) rewritten in 2020 with -3.7C on 27 September.

2014 and 2020 both see a new monthly record set with another coming close!

In May 2020, Katesbridge recorded a minimum of -6.1C, just 0.4C away from the record of -6.5C set in 1982 but 4 months later sets a new monthly record for September.

Credit: BBC Weather

Credit: Met Office

Strangely this same thing happened in 2014 with Katesbridge coming within 0.4C of the April record only to set a new monthly record just 4 months later for August.

So in 2020, in and era where the world is on fire, Northern Ireland nearly witnesses TWO new monthly cold records and NO approach to heat records.

While Northern Ireland has witnessed 4 new monthly cold records in the last 20 years, 3 in the last 10 years, Katesbridge has come within 0.5C of a national monthly cold record on 3 separate months in the last 5 years. Just 0.4C off in April, 2014 and just 0.3C of the monthly record in July of that same year.

Credit: BBC Northern Ireland Weather


So why all the cold records? These new records appear to be set during spring, summer and autumn, not so much winter. So, could it be down to cooler waters over the North Atlantic and less moisture within the atmosphere as a result?

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