Death Valley Tops 130F! Hottest Since 1913 or A World Record?

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Furnace Creek, a small town on the edge of Death Valley, California has been long regarded as the hottest place on earth as most summers here record the highest temperature on earth. According to the World Meteorological Organisation, the much disputed 134F reading set in 1913 at Greenland Ranch still remains the world record today.

However, in 2013 and 2017, Death Valley and Mitribah, Kuwait respectively both recorded a temperature of 129F (54.4C). Both of these readings have been regarded as a more ‘reliable’ world record.

Then on the 16 August, 2020, Furnace Creek topped 129.9F (54.4C), rounded to 130F. If verified, this, according to the WMO would be earth’s highest temperature recorded since 1913. Others would state this as a new world record.

Below is the official NOAA weather station at Furnace Creek in Death Valley.

Credit: Jeff Masters

A few years ago, the WMO officially disregarded the once world record high of 136F (58C) at El Aziza, Libya in 1922.


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