UK’s Coolest July Since 2012 Ends With 3rd Hottest Day On Record

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July 2020 is likely the UK’s coolest since 2012 thanks to the dominance of low pressure and winds blowing in off a cooler-than-normal Atlantic.
The temperature rise and fall within a 72 hour period between July 30-August 1 over Southeast England has been quite remarkable.
Heathrow Airport in west London has been grabbing all the attention. Up until July 29th, the UK’s highest temperature of the month was just 28.5C (at Heathrow). On the 30th, the high reached a new monthly peak of 29.7C (at Heathrow) but the following day, the thermometer rocketed to 37.8C (at Heathrow) becoming the UK’s 3rd highest temperature on record.
The following day, the maximum was back down to 27.7C (at Heathrow). The rise and fall in daily temperatures has been quite abrupt this summer as was expected in my summer 2020 forecast. ‘Short sharp bursts of summer heat’ was likely with longer spells of cool.
Typically temperatures which make it into rare 35C+ territory usually see a 3 to 4 day build-up of 30, 32, 34 then 35 but to jump 8C from 29 to 37 is rare. Probably even rarer is to then drop 10C the following day.
The July 31, 2020 reading of 37.8C takes the August 3, 1990 reading of 37.1C at Cheltenham off the top 3 spot for UK’s hottest days.
38.7C – Jul 25, 2019 in Cambridge
38.5C – Aug 10, 2003 in Faversham
37.8C – Jul 31, 2020 in Heathrow
37.1C – Aug 3 1990 in Cheltenham

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