Greenland Hits -65C Setting New All-Time Low

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Situated 10,500ft at the peak of the Greenland sheet, the permanently manned research site of Summit Station shivered to record cold levels while much of the surrounding hemisphere was record warm.

Typically, when there’s a positive Arctic and North Atlantic Oscillation present, Greenland is coldest while the continents are relatively mild. On January 2, 2020, with a record strong polar vortex almost directly above Greenland, the thermometer over the surface of the 2-mile thick ice sheet at Summit dipped to -64.9C (-86F).

This reading surpasses the previous station and Greenland record of -63.3C set back on 21 February 2002 which was also a very mild winter down over the continents. The Summit Station has been in operation since 1989.

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