Baghdad, Iraq Receives 1st Snowfall In 12 Years, Only 2nd Time in 100 Years!

Written by on February 12, 2020 in Asia with 0 Comments

Typically associated with blazing heat and with recent summers witnessing temperatures as high as 51C or 124F, a cold front has brought snow to the Iraqi capital for the first time since 2008. Back then, it was the first for the city in over 100 years.

Photos show a coating to perhaps 1-2 inches of snow covering many surfaces throughout the the city. Most roads were too warm for any real accumulation.

The average high/low for this time of year in Baghdad is 19C or 66F and 6C or 42F respectively. The last 24 hours has seen overnight readings dip below freezing and days struggling to reach 5C.

During the 2008 snow event, the city barely received much in the way of accumulation so the 2020 event is likely to be the first true covering of snow for the city in over 100 years.



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