Unusually cold low brings record cold and snow surprises

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An unusually cold low crossed the Southwest US bringing some shocks and surprises.


Snow for Malibu, Pasadena, CA?

A low of 33 degrees at the Santa Barbara Airport on Tuesday broke the record of 34 degrees, which was set in 1990. A low of 39 degrees at the Long Beach Airport on Monday matched the record of 39 degrees, which was set in 1965.

First measurable snow in Vegas for over a decade

The cold and snow made it down to the Las Vegas Valley where we saw not only record snow (0.8 inches) but also a record cold day (44F) at McCarran International.

It even surprised me to find out this was the first measurable snow for Las Vegas since December 2008.

Meanwhile in Arizona, it was super snowy in Flagstaff. So much snow that the 35.9 inches which fell was the most ever in a single day for the city.

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