Africa-origin sun, warmth & foehn effect provides UK’s warmest Valentine’s Day in 21 years

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Yep, it’s pretty much the opposite of what I had for this month. Widespread sunshine and southwest winds have propelled the temperature 6-12C above normal over the UK. The below visible satellite looks like a capture from back last summer with clear skies and turquoise blue waters.

Sunny skies actually remained unbroken from Africa to Norway thanks to a powerful high centred over Europe and strikingly similar to this time 21 years ago.

The last few days has seen temperatures widely reach the very pleasant 12-14C range but the warmest spots were north Wales and northern Scotland, specifically locations positioned to the north of mountains. The reason, the southerly winds crossing over the hills enhance the warming, adding about 2 or 3 degrees on compared to surrounding places.

Met Office

Rhyl reached 17.5C yesterday as seen in the below map.


With the sunshine and southerly winds extending all the way into Norway, even here 16C was reached.

Although warming to April levels by day, it cooled to February levels by night thanks to the dry air which has traveled all the way from from west Africa and the Canaries.


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