What a Swing! From Coldest in 20-35+ Years to Record Warm 2-4 days Later!

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At the peak of the polar vortex invasion of 2019, much of Minnesota endured it’s coldest conditions since 1996 while Illinois saw their coldest since 1985.

Cotton, Minnesota plunged to -56F, Twin Cities -28F, Chicago -23F. Daytime highs only managed -10F in Chicago, -14 Twin Cities.

At least four locations with long-term periods of record tied or set all-time record lows on Wednesday and Thursday, January 30-31:

  • –33°F in Moline, Illinois, shattered the all-time record low of –28°F from Feb. 3, 1996 on Thursday, in records dating to 1874. (The all-time low from 1996 was actually broken just before midnight on Wednesday night, with temperatures dropping further early Thursday.)
  • –31°F in Rockford, Illinois, on Thursday beat the previous record of –27°F from Jan. 10, 1982, in records dating to 1893.
  • –30°F in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Thursday beat the previous all-time record of –29°F from Jan. 15, 2009, in records dating to 1893.
  • –43°F northwest of Mather, Wisconsin, on Wednesday tied the all-time low from Jan. 30, 1951, in records dating to 1903.

Coldest for Minneapolis since 1996.

Then came the warmth…


Though the core of cold remained west, the frigid air still made it to the East Coast with New York hitting 2 degrees and Philly 5.

Then came the wave of record warmth! An astonishing turnaround in such a short time.

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