Greatest Coldwave In A Generation Moves Into Upper Midwest

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In my 10 years of weather blogging/forecasting and 20 years of of weather study, the incoming ‘Super Arctic Outbreak 2019’ will be the greatest of all cold waves, comfortably shivering past 2014 and even 2004 and is sure to be one of my greatest weather events I’ve watched unfold in my lifetime.

I’ve forecasted and covered many blizzards including the Great Blizzard of 2003, Heatwaves such as 2006 and of course the mighty Hurricanes of Katrina, Ike, Harvey and Matthew. This will be my first coverage of a ‘Super’ cold Arctic outbreak’, the last of which hit in 1996.

In the wake of a snow system which opened the freezer door, is producing ground blizzards today as the temperature drops everywhere.

The extreme cold started as you’d expect, with an SSWE and with a split in vortex, 1 of 2 pieces has dropped south over North America. In recent mornings, parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario have observed temperatures down to -48C (-55F).

The last few mornings has seen the polar vortex edge ever closer to the US with -49F observed in Northern Minnesota.

A snow system Sunday-Monday dropped a widespread 3-6 inches of snow in advance of the arrival of the polar vortex.


Current snow depth

These are the ultimate Midwest temperature benchmarks. Some could be threatened, many will remain but it’s sure to the coldest 3 day stretch in 20-30 years for most and for some including Chicago, in history.


As the sun set this evening, these are current temps and wind chill.

CBS Minnesota

By sunrise tomorrow, it will be dangerously cold outside!

Modelling suggests Minneapolis should approach -30 tomorrow morning with wind chill close to -55 and maximum temp failing to get above -15.

Credit: Wxbell

As for Chicago, well tomorrow into Thursday could be truly historic.

A very rare coverage of wind chill warning!

GFS charts for tomorrow AM.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits


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