England, Wales likely to see bulk of this week’s snow

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By purely looking at the UK snow depth/cover at the end of each day from tomorrow through Friday, the focus of snow according to the latest run of the GFS is over the Scottish Highlands/Southern Uplands, N Pennines, Midlands and much of Wales away from the coast.

Scotland will see snow from an incoming front during tomorrow but it falls in the form of showers whereas England and Wales sees a front attached to a system passing tomorrow and Wed/Thu.

Credit: wxcharts.eu

Credit: wxcharts.eu

Credit: wxcharts.eu

Credit: wxcharts.eu

So, tomorrow from N England, N Wales, N Ireland and Scotland, the snow comes from showers as a system brings rain then snow to southern and Midland England/Wales. The core of the system crosses N France.

It’s tough to pin down where sees snow and how much, obviously higher ground should see the biggest depths but it’s possible that we see more snow and greater depths from the showers blowing in on the stiff NW flow rather than system passing to the south. Points over England and Wales has a chance at greatest snow as we’ve two systems passing while it’s clearer further north.

What will be interesting is how much snow we can get on the ground over N England, Scotland and N Ireland because that will determine how cold it gets during the clearer, calmer nights mid and late week.

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