Storm Aapeli hits Finland/Baltic with record 72 mph sustained wind, 93 mph gusts, 46ft waves, -32.2C temps

Written by on January 4, 2019 in Rest of Europe with 0 Comments

A powerful storm system named Storm Aapeli swept across Scandinavia on the night of January 1 into 2 breaking wind and wave height records in Finland and surrounding seas.

A 10 minute sustained wind of 72 mph and 93 mph both set a new wind speed record for the western portion of the Northern Baltic.

These fierce winds generated ‘average’ wave heights in the southern portion of the Bothnian Sea to 26ft and a peak height of 46ft. Both new records.

Storm Aapeli aided the drop in electricity prices thanks to whirling turbines and a fresh southward push of polar air which saw Lapland hit a new winter low of -32.2C last night.


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