Dreaming of a White Christmas 2018? Dream on….

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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Thanks to a positive AO/NAO, it’s been a mild and wet December so far and it looks to remain that way for the last weekend before Christmas. As we head into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, high pressure builds over the UK settling things down. So, sunshine should become more of a feature rather than the cloud and frequent rain. Despite temperatures taking a dip, our chances for a white Christmas in 2018 looks VERY LOW indeed, primarily because high pressure means little precipitation is expected.

The one ‘wintry’ element that we’re likely to encounter for many northern areas is frost. A frost which may linger all day where the sun doesn’t reach or freezing fog lingers, trapped beneath the stagnant cool high.

Here’s the surface/precip charts for Christmas eve, day and boxing day below.

Credit: wxcharts.eu

Credit: wxcharts.eu

Where skies are clearest of course, frost can be expected.

Credit: wxcharts.eu

Looks like a system brings rain across Scotland but on the whole the high remains in charge for England and Wales through Boxing Day.

Credit: wxcharts.eu

All in all it’s looking very decent, especially if you’re out and about.

Recent Christmases has seen some quite wild weather featuring severe gales, record warmth and indeed snow for some. The last true british white christmas was indeed 2010.

Given my ideas for both December and winter overall, the non white Christmas was expected and just keep in mind that the heart of winter doesn’t arrive for another 3 weeks so do not write off winter just because we’ve not got any ‘winter’ in sight just yet.

We have a greater chance at a white Easter than white Christmas, also keep that in mind…

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