Even in late 2018, how can long range models be so wrong even 10 days out?

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You’d think that by now, modelling would be at least close to be correct. I’m not talking ‘months’ in advance but more 10 days…

The CFSv2 showed a very warm November for the US with warmer and warmer runs the closer it got to November.

In reality we’re witnessing one of the coldest Novembers.

Michael Ventrice

As for Europe, so far it’s kind of right BUT with cold forecasted through the rest of the month, I’d imagine this could be VERY wrong too.


So far

The model’s ‘weekly’ is contradicting it’s monthly.

Tropical Tidbits

Tropical Tidbits

Here’s the CFSv2 for winter. War, North America, Greenland and Europe.

Tropical Tidbits

The met office and others show the complete opposite.

Met Office

It really makes you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s like the model is completely out of touch with the real atmosphere. Is too much warmth being entered into the physics? Global warming bias? Who knows but it just shows you how useless and utterly unreliable this government funded model really is. Use the CFSv2 at your peril. I say that to myself as well as everyone else btw.

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