Storm Callum Recap: Record low pressure, Worst flooding in Wales for 30 years, Warmest Oct Night & for so late!

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According to the Met Office, the central pressure within Storm Callum dropped from 986 to 938mb within 24 hours. That astonishing 48mb drop 24 hours made Callum an ‘atomic bomb’ cyclone, doubling the 24mb within 24 hours drop to constitute a ‘weather bomb’. It also broke the 1979 record of 939mb for early October

Credit: Met Office


Thankfully the core of strongest winds remained out over the Atlantic but gusts of 75 to 86 mph were still felt in exposed parts of Ireland and Wales.

Rainfall was the biggest impacts as a trialing front extended from Callum, down over the UK and hooked up with Hurricane Leslie near the Azores. Slow movement of this boundary and injection of tropical energy led to heavy and persistent rainfall widely.

Like we saw with the start of the week ‘atmospheric river’ in NW Scotland, as much as 9 inches of rain has fallen in Libanus, Powys since the beginning of yesterday.

Tropical warmth accompanied the tropical rains. South and east England observed potentially a record warm October night last night with lows holding between 17-20C. The record is 19.4C.

This afternoon under sunny skies, it soared to between 23-26C widely. It was the warmest mid October day since 2001 but warmest for so late in the year on record.

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