UK: A very soggy Monday-Tuesday, Unseasonably warm Wednesday followed by very stormy Friday?

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As stated at the end of last week, the west Highlands would be under under the gun for a significant multiday rain event which continues this Monday evening. With a near stalled moisture plume connecting a hurricane and the sub tropics with Scotland, you know the totals will mount up. It’s not been one solid rain band of relentless rain. In fact there have been breaks but while one pulse pushes in and is rung out by the hills, another moves in dropping another 2-3 inches in the same areas.


Credit: Met Office

A 3-5+ inch rain event for the west Highlands was seen by the models and since early Sunday morning, it’s rained for much of the time, especially over Argyll and Lochaber. The rains shall continue tonight through Tuesday morning before finally clearing out.

Credit: BBC Weather

Credit: BBC Weather

As Leslie continues to lift northwards, so it takes a plume of not rain but summer-like heat northwards out of Africa with it. We have the potentially for 25C in the South and 21, maybe 22C as far north as Scotland during Wednesday PM.


The latest runs of the GFS has Leslie passing to the west of the British Isles but a deep depression follows and could present a very stormy and disruptive Friday.



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