Calgary has record snow day, 3 times the October average while Tampa’s 96F is hottest October day!

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Following an unusually cold and snowy September, that trend continued and matured into October. The 13 inches of snow which fell on Calgary was not only the city’s biggest October 1-day snowfall but was in fact the 7th snowiest of all-time.

Out of the city’s biggest snow days, this event was by far the earliest in the season, especially when considering the snow total for the city was in fact 15 inches as this occurred over multiple days. That 15 inches is about 3 times the October average.

In the foothills of the Rockies to the west of Calgary, this has been the earliest ‘big’ snowfall in recent memory.

Credit: Tom Graham

This comes after Edmonton observed it’s snowiest September day on record.

More significant snowfall is expected next week according to some models.

Meanwhile down in Florida…

FEATURED IMAGE: Kyle Brittain @KyleTWN


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