AMBER wind warning issued as 1st UK storm (Ali) crosses Northern Ireland, Scotland tomorrow!

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With a busy tropics globally of late, we have seen a lot of warm, humid air lift north thus powering an unusually strong 175 mph Atlantic jet stream.


This is throwing one ‘autumnal low’ after the other across the UK.

Credit: BBC Weather

Hot on the heels of Ex Hurricane Helene, the UK, particularly Northern Ireland and southern/central Scotland await the arrival of Storm Ali tomorrow, the first named storm of the 2018-19 season.

An Amber ‘be prepared’ warning is in force during daylight hours tomorrow for winds expected to reach between 40-60 mph widely across Northern Ireland as well as southern and central Scotland. Exposed hills and coasts could see gusts of 80-90 mph.


Met Office

Notice the breeze out there this evening? That’s NOT associated with tomorrow’s system. Today’s windy conditions are the tail winds from Helene. Note the developing system that will be Ali, showing up to the south of Helene.


Even tonight, Storm Ali remains well to the southwest but due to it’s speedy NE motion will be over us by morning.


The core of strongest winds are on the tpical southern flank of the core and once the centre reaches Argyll and Lochaber, the strongest winds shall whistle through the Central Lowlands, likely between between noon and 3pm.


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