Death Valley, CA sets U.S record, 2nd hottest globally for ‘hottest month’

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When you think of Death Valley you automatically think extreme and heat. For years Death Valley has been considered one of, if not thee hottest place on earth and rightly so. Also for years, it was considered to have recorded the world’s second hottest ever temperature. 134.06F or 56.7C recorded at Furnace Creek Ranch back on July 10, 1913.

The Death Valley weather station. The temperature instrument is housed in the white box on the right. Image credit: Jeff Masters.

Up until 2012, the world heat record was said to be at El Azizia, Libya where a high of 136.4F or 58C was set on September 13, 1922 at an Italian army base 35 miles from Tripoli.

However, the Libyan value was dismissed and declared unreliable due to significantly lower surrounding readings and ‘too close’ proximity to Mediterranean so the world record went to Death Valley.

In recent years even the Death Valley reading of 134 has been questioned and scrutinized by climatologists and deemed inaccurate, even impossible. So a maximum of 129F recorded in Death Valley back in June 2013 is recognized as the world’s highest reliable surface temperature. This was tied in 2016 at Mitribah, Kuwait reached.

As for the July just gone, the combination of highs (21 days above 120F, four consecutive days at 127) and lows (10 nights which didn’t get below 100) throughout the month have pushed the ‘average’ temperature to 108.1F. This beats Death Valley’s US record for hottest month set just last July but according to weather records expert Maximiliano Herrera, falls just short of the world record for hottest monthly temperature: 108.5F at Dehloran, Iran in July 2000.

According to Weather Historian Chris Burt, the week of July 24-20, 2018 was the second hottest week on record, beaten only by the week of June 18-July 4, 2013.


Here are the temperatures recorded at Death Valley during the week of July 24 – 30, 2018; an asterisk* indicates a daily record beaten or tied. During this week, the average high was 125.6°F, the average low was 99.3°F, and the average temperature was 112.4°F:

DATE     MAX      MIN
7/24       127°F *  95°F
7/25       127°F *  102°F *
7/26       127°F *  100°F
7/27       127°F *  94°F
7/28       124°F    101°F *
7/29       124°F    100°F
7/30       123°F    103°F*

This year observed 4 straight 127F days while in 2013 there was 5 such days including the high of 129F.

The below photo is history. The actual thermometer which recorded Death Valley and the world’s hottest ever ‘reliable’ temperature back in 2013.

Courtesy NWS Las Vegas

This July’s 108.1F average exceeds Death Valley’s previous ‘hottest month’ of 107.4F set just last year.


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