Signs of the 2018 UK Heatwave Breaking Down?

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So the 2018 heatwave continues with yesterday seeing Britain’s 3rd straight 31C day with today an inevitable 4th as hot stable air remains firmly trapped beneath our continental style blocking high. A high which has been parked over the UK for weeks with only subtle shifts.

Credit: Met Office

The 2018 heatwave so far.

The Irish Republic has observed it’s warmest day since 1976 with Shannon reaching 32C, Scotland soared to 31.9C in Glasgow making it the city’s warmest day on record and Scotland’s warmest June day in 122 years. Northern Ireland enjoyed it’s warmest June day with a ‘near’ all-time record of 30.5C. Rivers over parts of England have dried up in spots and there are places which haven’t received a drop of rain in a month.

Credit: Met Office

Here are the UK hot spots during the past 2 weeks.

Saturday 7 Jul: 31.5C Charlwood

Friday 6 Jul: 31.4C Cotton

Thurs 5 Jul: 31.2C

Wednesday 4 Jul: 29.1C Giants Causeway 28.8C Aviemore

Tuesday 3 Jul: 30.1C Porthmadog

Monday 2 Jul: 31.1C Hurn

Sunday 1 Jul: 32.2C Gosport

Saturday 30 Jun: 29.9C Otterbourne

Friday 29 Jun: 32.5C Porthmadog

Thurs 28 Jun: 33.0C Porthmadog

Wed 27 Jun: 31.9C Porthmadog

Tue 26 Jun: 30.7C Rostherne

Monday 25: 30.1C Hampton Water Works

The last time somewhere in the UK didn’t exceed 29C was on Sunday 24 June when a high of 26.5C was recorded at Heathrow.

With regards to an end to this heatwave, it remains a little unclear. Depends on how you define breakdown as modelling can be too quite at collapsing the high, especially when the ground is very dry pretty much UK and Ireland wide. Another question is, is this a true end or a blip. I recon we’ve more summer sun to follow a 7 day or so return to more unsettled.

GFS has the first appreciable front bringing wind and rain into Scotland Monday 16 July.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Within the 8-14 day period the CFSv2 still holds slightly above normal heights but core is SW and NE of UK.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Precip still appears below normal for most within the 8-14 day period.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits


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