JUNE 2018: Scotland sets new all-time heat record at 33.2C, Middlesex gets 0.7mm (2%) of rain

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According to the Met office, a new all-time record may have been achieved for Scotland on the afternoon of June 28.

Glasgow topped out at 31.9C (89F) on the same day setting a new all-time record for the city. However while the Met Office combed through all the observations that day, it appears Motherwell in North Lanarkshire topped out at 33.2C (91F). If verified, this would surpass Scotland’s previous all-time record of 32.9C recorded at Greycrook in the Borders back on August 8, 2003.

June 2018 was a warmer, sunnier and drier than normal month for the UK. While Scotland overall had a slightly drier than normal month (80% of normal), it was 4th warmest for Scotland. For Northern Ireland and Wales it was the warmest on record., 4th warmest for Scotland and England.

June 2018 is joint 2nd for warmest on record, tying with June 1976. Only 1940 was warmer and within the top 5 driest.

Met Office

It was a very dry June falling within the top 5 driest on record. South-central and southeast England had it’s driest on record with only 2.0mm (4%) falling in Dorset, and 0.7mm (2%) in Middlesex.

Met Office

We’re now into July and the heat continues with little sign of any appreciable snap to this high pressure dominated pattern. Following a very dry May and June, we’re enjoying a classic ground-atmosphere feedback. The dry is helping enhance the high pressure aloft and dry ground equals dry air and that heats fast.

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