Persistent cool, wet meant Cordoba, Spain was 3 weeks late in seeing first 30C

Written by on May 21, 2018 in Rest of Europe with 0 Comments

Cordoba is one of the hottest places in Spain and Europe. Each summer, temps exceed 40C and last July it reached 45C with nearby Montoro hitting a new all-time Spain record of 47.3C.

The average May high for Cordoba is 27C but due to a significant cool and wet pattern, it’s taken till May 16 for Cordoba to reach it’s first 30C. That’s 3 weeks behind the average first 30C. Cities well to the north including London, Paris, Oslo and Helsinki, all typically 10-15C cooler than Cordoba registered 28C+ before Cordoba.

In contrast to May 2018, back in 2015, Cordoba topped 40.2C setting a new May record.


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