Helsinki has warmest May day on record while Nimes, France has it’s coldest

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The temperature profile was most definitely upside down to start the work week. The heat peaked Tuesday up in Finland where temperatures approached 30C. 29.6C was achieved in a few spots including Helsinki. This constitutes the capital’s hottest May day on record.

While temperatures are coming up now across the South of France , the beginning of the week saw daytime temperatures running an incredible 15C below normal and in fact would have been considered below normal even back in January.

In stark contrast to the near 30C in Scandinavia, on the bottom end of the continent, Nimes near the French Riviera suffered a daytime maximum of 9.2C, the coldest May day here since 1926.

The 12.6C in typically balmy Marseille on the 14th was the coldest for May since 1987.


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