COOL, DRY HIGH PRESSURE: Frosty Morning’s, Warm Afternoon’s

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Frosty morning’s even in May? It’s actually common away from urban areas when cooler, drier ‘northerly’ highs are overhead.

Credit: BBC Weather

Average No of days with frost in May.

Met Office

As the sun goes down in the evening the radiational cooling process kicks in fast. But once the sun returns, the dry air, wind free air rapidly heats, aided by a strong sun angle and long sunlight hours. Mid May can often provide the greatest diurnal fluctuation.

For the past few days now morning’s have started quite chilly with patchy rural frost but once the sun is up, the daytime heating kicks in immediately. By 3pm when you’ve abundant sunshine and little wind, the temperature may have risen 15 to 20C.

We currently have a 1030mb high parked directly over the UK.

Credit: Meteoceil

It started cold.

Credit: Meteoceil

But by mid afternoon it was very pleasant indeed.

Credit: Meteoceil

Another chilly one tonight under starry skies.

Credit: BBC Weather

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Aidan Carroll @AidanCarroll64

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