APRIL 2018: A Remarkable Contrast Of Extremes Either Side of The Atlantic

While April 2018 was one of the coldest on record for the United States and quite possibly North America as a whole… in the starkest of contrasts, on the other side of the pond, it wasn’t just the warmest April on record for many central countries including Germany but it was the continent’s warmest on record.

April 2018 surpasses 2000 and 2011 for Europe’s warmest April with both London and Paris observing their warmest April days since 1949 and many cities had their warmest April days on record.

Chicago observed it’s most below freezing nights on record for April while Minneapolis not only recorded it’s coldest April on record but it’s snowiest too.

One of the coldest verses the warmest is not what you typically see during the same month and on the same chart.



Credit: Michael Ventrice

Credit: Michael Ventrice

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