Irkutsk, Siberia Soars To 28C Despite A Still Frozen Lake Baikal Nearby

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On April 24th, the city of Irkutsk, located in the heart of Siberia just west of a still part frozen Lake Baikal (contains 20% of world’s fresh water) soared to 27.9C in a sudden swing from winter to summer.

Credit: Etienne Kapikian @EKMeteo

While the April 24th reading is 15C above normal for late April and warmest for this early in the season, it’s not a new April record.

Interestingly, just last April did Irkutsk observe it’s warmest April day since 1899 with 29C. Just 0.2C off the record. The hottest ever reading is 37.2C, lowest -49.7C.


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