Western Europe: Where They Shivered In March, Their Frying In April

The very areas which suffered the cold and snowy March are now dealing with record April heat thanks to an abrupt shift in wind direction. Even early April got off to a cold, even snowy start and so this switch from winter to summer is probably about as fast as you’ll ever see. Many cities have observed their warmest April day in 60 to 70 years.

Credit: Pivotal Weather

The ECMWF saw it coming from well over a week before.

Credit: ECMWF

London, like the rest of the UK got off to a bitter and snowy and mid-winter start to March. Incidentally this wasn’t London’s only snow of March.

Credit: LDN fromthe Rooftops @London_Rooftops

Following daytime maximums which held at 5C with below freezing wind chills to open April, less than 20 days later and the same parts of South east England was 25C warmer and observing it’s warmest April day since 1949.

Credit: Patrick Doyle @PatrickDoyle83

Credit: DNS @DNevesSantos

It widely reached 27, 28C between The Wash and south London.

Northolt to the west of central London measured 29.1C which fell just 0.3C off the UK all-time record but this was the hottest April day since 1949.

Remember the post from last month which stated Paris, France failed to reach 2C on two consecutive days. The coldest back to back late March days since the 1888?

Almost exactly a month later and the thermometer soared to 29.2C which is the French capital’s hottest April day since 1949 when it reached an all-time monthly record of 30.2C.

Image source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BhwgpWcH5z4/?tagged=chaleur

Credit: Météo Villes @Meteovilles

Paris also fell just 0.1C off the warmest April night on record with 16.0C. The record is 16.1C set back in 1987.

Credit: Météo Villes @Meteovilles

The heat wasn’t just confined to France and England.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Laurent Laniel @narcoexperto

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