Dodge City, Kansas Swings From 28F To Record 94F On The Same Day!

Written by on April 20, 2018 in United States of America, Winter 2017/18 with 0 Comments

Only in the Plains states do you see weird and wacky and wild back and forth temperature swings within a matter of hours and winter at daybreak followed by mid-July by dinner that same day! That’s exactly what Dodge City, Kansas got this week.

Within just 48 hours, Dodge City went from a record low of 19 degrees to a record high of 94.


In between and within just HOURS, they rose a stunning 66 degrees from 28 degrees (-2C) at within the early hours to 94 degrees (33C) between 6-7pm that same day. Remarkable.

It was the northward passing of a warm front followed by the same front dropping back south as a cold front which allowed by temperature to dip back to 67 degrees off the record 94 within 2 hours.

75 mph winds accompanied this rapid temperature increase.


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