Minneapolis Gets Biggest April Snowstorm In Snowiest April & Coldest 1st Half On Record

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UPDATE: A storm total of 15.8 inches recorded at Minneapolis-St Paul Intl Airport between 13-16 April makes for the biggest April total in recorded history.

The period between January 1 through April 14 is also snowiest on record now for MSP.

First it was the coldest first 8 days and now coldest 14 days or first half of April in recorded history for the Northern Plains.

Prior to this weekend, the highlights to this crazy cold month thus far were, Lincoln, Ill likely setting a new Illinois state record low for the month with -2, Aberdeen, SD dipping to -6, coldest ever in April for the site and Minneapolis hitting 8 which was the coldest April low since 1995. Many cities also observed coldest April highs and lows also.

The month’s anomaly as of today.

Credit: Michael Ventrice

1-8 April

1-14 April

I guess if your going to have the coldest first half to an April since the 1800s, you may as well through in a record snowstorm for good measure too.

It was a wild weekend to top off a wild April for the Twin Cities. Yesterday saw the first blizzard warning issued for the Twin Cities since 1983.

With 11.1 inches of snow falling at MSP on Saturday, this was officially the city’s 2nd snowiest April day on record and also helped make this the snowiest April on record also with 22.5 inches so far this month.

Credit: Amanda Henchcliffe

Only half way through April and it’s already the snowiest on record.

Jon Yuhas

April is a very fickle month. It can be mid summer or indeed mid-winter-like.

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