Eurasian Landmass: Tale Of Two Extremes In March 2018, Severe Cold Russia v Severe Heat Pakistan

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The vast landmass of Eurasia endured an extreme March 2018 on both ends of the temperature ledger. Northern Europe shivered in one of coldest March’s while down in Middle East and sub-continental Asia it was warmest.

The below information is credit to Etienne Kapikian and Maximiliano Herrera.

At least 7 if not 9 or even 10 Asian countries set new March heat records. The top of the heat list was Nawabshah which soared to 45.5C (114F) which was the earliest such reading as well as a new Pakistan record.

Next on the hot list was Nasiriyah which soared to 43.8C (111F) setting a new March record for Iraq surpassing the previous record set in 2010.

Abu Samrah, located 55 miles from the capital Doha recorded a new monthly record for Qatar with 40C (104F), surpassing the previous record set in 1998.

A little to the south and The United Arab Emirates also soared to it’s highest March levels with 43.1 °c in Sweihan and Ahis Al Salem.

Other national records include Tajikistan 35.3C at Kurgan Tyube, Uzbekistan 37.3C at Termez, both on 31st.

Credit: Etienne Kapikian

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