UK Snow & Not Exclusively Over High Ground This Easter Weekend!

Cold and moisture can lead to snowfall and this long Easter weekend promises just that. Who gets snow falling and where it lies is two very different things at this time of year.

To some’s surprise, snowfall isn’t all that unusual at this time of year but lying snow is. For higher parts of the North Pennines and Highlands, well it happens every other year. Low level snow FALLING happens perhaps once every 3-6 years and lying? Well, perhaps every 20-30 years.

Once into April with the clocks sprung forward to British summer time and sun angle as strong as early September, lying low level snow rare below 3-500ft by and while cold builds over the UK ahead of an approaching system from the SW late Easter Day into Easter Monday, will it could be that we see some unusual early April low level snow.

It’s snowing today over higher parts of SW England and Highland Scotland. I’m afraid that’s not unusual for March 30.

There’s a yellow be aware warning been issued by the MO for Monday April 2. It’s going to be interesting to see how much snow falls, where and at what elevation as a shield of moisture and increased wind lifts northwards into cold air firmly anchored over the UK.

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Tropical Tidbits

Tropical Tidbits

Tropical Tidbits

Even tomorrow, (Saturday) could even see some lying snow in parts of NE England and Scotland.

Tropical Tidbits

Some interesting Easter Day UK weather facts.


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