UK Easter Weekend 2018 Outlook

It’s a rather mixed picture as we head towards the forthcoming Easter weekend. The general setup is such that low pressure keeps things fairly showery and breezy across much of England and Wales but somewhat drier and brighter thanks to higher pressure for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

Good Friday

Good Friday is pretty much a north-south split with the best of the drier, brighter weather across the Northern UK but staying showery with longer spells of rain across central and southern England and Wales.

During the afternoon, convective showers could begin to pile into eastern and central Scotland with fresh to strong easterly winds. Snow above 200m.


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Temperature wise it’s a touch sub par for the end of March/beginning of April. 7-10C for England and Wales, 5-9C for Scotland, Northern Ireland and feeling cooler in any breeze.

Friday PM

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Little real change during Saturday from Friday with sun, showers and feeling cool in the easterly wind for Scotland, Northern Ireland. Showers may be heavier, more frequent with clustering to bring longer spells of rain (some hill snow) to England and Wales. Highs of 6-8C in north, 7-11C in south.

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Easter Day

After a frosty start, Easter Sunday is looking much better compared to the previous two days as low pressure sinks south and gives way to higher pressure nudging down from the north. A lot more in the way of cool sunshine through the day with a few showers popping up as the sun stirs the lower atmosphere. Highs 5-8C across the north, 6-10C in the south. A band of wind and rain looks to push into the Southwest UK late in the day. A sign of what’s to come for Monday.

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Easter Monday

While it remains very pleasant, albeit cool for Northern England, Ireland and Scotland through much of Easter Monday, conditions go down hill from SW England, Wales and into the Midlands and SE England as the day progresses. Cold in place could see some transient snow on the leading edge of the northbound front and maybe not just at high levels.

Following another cool, frosty start to Easter Monday, it shall remain cool for all with highs of 6-10C across the board.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits



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