More 50+mph Winds, Snow, Drifts & Impressive Cold As ‘Beast From The East 2.0’ Hits

Despite 5% stronger (late Sept strength) sun and an hour of daylight gained since the previous beast 2 weeks ago, heavy snow and fierce easterly gale-force winds are back and so is sub-freezing daytime highs with wind chills of -5 to -10C.

Focus of snow this time around shifted to southern parts of England and Wales but 50 mph winds and blowing and drifting created strikingly similar scenes further north to just over two weeks ago.

Torquay, Devon (Credit: James Hodgson)

North York Moors (Credit: Thomas Beresford

Bournemouth Beach (Credit: Lee Mclean)

With an elevation of 2,782ft, Great Dun Fell in the north Pennines has been enduring extreme wind and cold with sustained winds of between 72-89 mph and gusts as high as 112 mph. The air temp has been between -6 currently and -8.1C at 6am this morning. At 6am with an air temp of -8 and sustained wind at 89 mph, the wind chill was -24C.

The good news between this cold spell and the beginning of the month is the snowfall isn’t as extreme and low level snow is melting fast during the day and this overall cold won’t last quite as long. That being said, this is an impressive spell of cold for it being the 2nd half of March with clocks changing next weekend.

These were the daytime highs yesterday. Wonder how these figures stack up with past March 17th’s?

Credit: Meteoceil

Yesterday’s anomaly

Credit: Michael Ventrice

These were the temps and wind chill at 3pm yesterday. Mighty impressive.

Credit: Meteoceil

Credit: Meteoceil

Keep in mind that just 24 hours earlier, the temperature was widely between 12-14C between Bristol and London.

Credit: Meteoceil

Current temps/wind chill as of noon today!

Credit: Meteoceil

Credit: Meteoceil

I awoke to yet another snowy March morning. This time around, the snow quickly melted.

Mark Vogan

As stated on several occasions over recent days, this latest beast won’t last too long as we really only have the biting easterly flow for 36 hours before the high to our north which is pulling in those Siberian winds, shifts southwards. An easterly today becomes a NNE tomorrow and then as we head through Tuesday and the high is to our south, the winds reverse back to a WSW once again.

Today’s surface chart

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Opposite by Wednesday

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Check out the 2m temp anomaly for the same periods above.

Credit: Tropical Tidbits

Credit: Tropical Tidbits


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